Have you been struggling with your eating and exercise habits (for exercise, see my previous post)? If you’ve been snacking while stuck at home and gained a few kilos, don’t feel guilty or embarrassed. The most important thing is you and your family??are safe.??
But if you are wondering how to ease back into a healthier??nutrition??phase for the remainder??and beyond of the lock-down, I’ve whipped up a few user friendly ideas to follow.??

a.) If you can’t get to the grocer as frequently as usual, stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower rice, green beans, broccoli, capsicum, and stir-fry mix. Frozen food can be blended into smoothies or added to big pots of delicious soups.??

b.) Dried fruit is also in the mix of choices as it can be added to oats, cereals, and salads. But, a word of caution! Avoid over-consuming dried fruit; 35-40 grams per serving is adequate due its rather high sugar content.

c.) Canned food is also a satisfactory option, but choose wisely. Please see link:????

d.) Some other common-sense ideas for simple, uncomplicated packaged food options include: unsweetened banana chips, 80% or higher dark chocolate, popcorn and roasted chickpeas.????

e.) Focus on eating vegetables and protein. A sensible example is a tuna salad; canned tuna mixed with chopped raw vegetables (eg celery, radish, capsicum), some herbs, mashed avocado, seasoning and a dash of lemon. For a dinner sized meal try mashing potato, pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower and parsnip into a puree and pairing with a lean fillet of meat or fish protein. An alternative to the puree may involve roasted, steamed or sauteed freezer vegetables.??

Overall, be mindful about snacking during the day. In order to avoid the snacking trigger, hang-out away from the kitchen. Snack only on nuts, seeds and berries, washed down with tea or water. You may wish to add honey to your beverage for a subtle increase in sweetness.??
It’s my hope these ideas help you adjust and keep you on-track into a healthier phase for the remainder of this challenging lock-down period. Be well.??

The information contained in this post is for education and information purposes only. Please consult your doctor for any specific health and medical objectives or questions.

Written by Kaj Andersson, Iron Heart Fit Fitness Program Manager.

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